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Technical Information

This catalogue contains diagrams with appropriate A.S. codes, dimensions, colour and materials breakdown. Information is based primarily on A.S. 1743 sign standards. For further technical information please refer to the standards Australia manual A.S. 1743 - 2001 technical specifications.


Jason SignMakers

Jason Signmakers are a licensed quality endorsed company accredited by Quality Assurance Services Pty Limited to ISO 9001:2008. Please see copies of our quality certificates in this catalogue and be assured that Jason Signmakers manufacture, supply and install to strict quality programs & procedures.


Aluminium Sheeting

All aluminium sheeting used in the manufacture of flat sheet signs is either 1.6mm or 2mm 5251 / 5052 H34 - H38 alum. Both sides are acid etched and the sign surface is PVC coated to protect the surfaces during manufacturing processes. The acid etching serves two purposes; it provides a non-glare rear surface and ensures correct surface conditions for reflective sheeting adhesion.

Aluminium Stiffeners (struts)

There are three sizes of aluminium stiffening extrusion, we refer to them as ‘Type A’, ‘Type B’ and ‘Type B’. Type B and C (heavy duty extrusion) are usually only used in the manufacture of very large ‘advance directional’ (A.D.) signs. These stiffeners are usually pop riveted to the rear of the sign.

Larger signs such as A.D. signs can also be manufactured as interlocking modular section signs. This enables the sign to be transported in smaller sections reducing transport costs and making it easier to erect on site requiring less labour.

Colorbond / Zinc Anneal

Signs in the temporary warning section are usually non-aluminium and are made from either 0.8mm colorbond or 1mm zinc anneal. They have a special folded box edge for stiffening top and bottom and to accommodate bi-pod stands on sides. Their construction is frangible and comply with MRWA standards. Colorbond provides a non-glare rear surface to the sign. The rear of colorbond & zinc anneal signs can be painted if required.

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Jason Signmakers manufacture bi-pod stands for the erection of temporary warning signs. Bi-pods are made from 20mm solid mild steel rod for the leg and post. They are sold in pairs.

Reflective Sheeting

Jason Signmakers exclusively use 3M Scotchlite reflective sheeting. As a member of the 3M National Sign Manufacturers network we are able to offer our clients the manufacturers extended warranty – 3M diamond warranty programme. The 3M organisation routinely audit our specialised lamination machinery to ensure correct use of squeeze roller procedures, screen printing techniques, handling and storage of all materials and the correct treatment & preparation of sign substrates. Please see a copy of the 3M certificate in this catalogue. Be assured, we supply the very best products available on the market, with all materials complying to Australian standards and main roads WA standards.

Anti-graffiti Film

3M P.O.F. 1150 can easily be laminated over the sign face of any flat sign to protect against graffiti and prolong the life of your sign. This film must be laminated prior to any stiffeners being pop riveted to sign etc. for warranty to remain valid, we must use a 3M sanctioned product for anti-graffiti purposes. To this point in time, there is no other film or spray product that can be used without voiding the 3M warranty. Our sales representatives are always available should you require more information on this product or any other product depicted in this catalogue.


Any sign not listed as supplied with stiffeners can be supplied with stiffeners on request. An additional cost will apply.


A variety of bolts, nuts, washers and security washers in M8 & M10 are available to suit all sign / post / bracket requirements. Aluminium security washers require specially turned down sockets. As a service to our clients Jason Signmakers can arrange the supply of these sockets at cost.

Jason Signmakers highly recommend the use of a nylon washer between sign face and each security washer or bolt head.

Sign Design

Jason Signmakers have the latest modern computer equipment and design software for the design and manufacture of our signage. We are able to work with our clients and help them through the conceptual stage of design, supplying full colour drawings in A3 or A4 size for approval. Although this service is not free, the cost is inexpensive. We also have wide format digital printing facilities for both reflective and non-reflective applications. Printing width 1820mm on solvent based machines. Ask a sales consultant for more information.

The references for the manufacture of the signs throughout the catalogue are:

AS 1742.1 AS 1742.2 AS 1742.3 AS 1742.4 AS 1742.5 AS 1742.6 AS 1742.7 AS 1742.8 AS 1742.9 AS 1742.10 AS 1742.11 AS 1742.12 AS 1742.13 AS 1742.14 AS 1742.15 AS 1743 AS/NZS 1906.1 AS 1163 AS 1397 AS 1627.4 AS 1627.5 AS 1627.6 AS 1734 AS 1866 AS/NZS 3750.9 over time standards may be varied, removed or added to. Jason Signmakers are registered for updates through standards. Australia update library facility so you can be sure to have your sign manufactured to the latest standards issued by standards Australia.

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