Road and Traffic Signage

Jason SignMakers manufactures and installs reflective road signs and traffic signage to comply with all relevant Australian and Main Roads WA standards and services many traffic control companies within the Industry.

Road and Traffic Solutions

The Jason SignMakers team provides a total road and traffic signage solution with project management for larger jobs, design and manufacture from concept through to installation.

Reflective road signage and traffic signage is manufactured using premium 3M high intensity prismatic Class 1 and diamond grade reflective. Class 2 is available upon request.

Jason SignMakers is an official 3M Australia certified manufacturer and offers the complete 3M Diamond Warranty Programme for permanent safety, road and traffic control signage.

Whether after regulatory traffic control or a speciality road signage design, Jason SignMakers can supply an extensive range.

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Extensive Range

Road signs are function classified into the following categories:

  • Standard - Intended for information use only, do not regulate, warn or direct traffic and have an expectant life of 5 years or less;
  • Regulatory - These inform motorway users of their legal requirements under traffic laws or regulations that would be an offence to disregard. These must therefore always be obvious to approaching drivers;
  • Warning – Black on yellow, such as slow point, speed ramp, floodway, stop ahead;
  • Guide - Directional, service and tourist information;
  • Temporary – New work no lines marked, detour;
  • Hazard markers – Slow down emergency.

Size Selection

Jason SignMakers can manufacture road and traffic control signs in a range of sizes.

Standards Australia and Main Roads WA use a letter coding system (A to E where A is the smallest size) to denote the correct size for road signage suppliers.

The required size of road and traffic control signage is dependent on:

Function – for example, regulatory signs indicate the application of legal requirements at particular locations in which the requirements may not otherwise be apparent and to which attention must be drawn.

The operating speed of vehicles - a higher speed environment generally requires drivers to view from a longer distance and hence larger is required to attract driver attention.

Road function and daily traffic volumes – for example, primary distributor (i.e. freeways, controlled access highways, highways); district and local distributors (other arterial) or local access (low speed residential).

Adjacent roadside environment - larger road signs may be required through heavy commercialised areas where buildings, advertising and parking may affect clear vision.

Find Out More

To find out more about road signage and traffic signage and standards requirements, contact the friendly sales team at Jason SignMakers or view our online catalogue.

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