Government Signage

Preferred Supplier

Jason SignMakers provides government signage for departments including Main Roads Western Australia, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and Emergency Services WA.

Government Signage

The Welshpool based company is also a preferred local government signage supplier through the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA).

As a preferred supplier of local government signage Jason SignMakers manufactures and installs a full range of signs including street, road signage and traffic signage and any other customised sign requirements for local government shires and councils.

The following types of government signage, compliant to Main Roads Western Australia standards, are available:

  • Warning
  • Regulatory
  • Advance directional
  • Tourist and recreational
  • Temporary
  • Street tags and nameplates
  • Road safety signs
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Sustainable Practices

As a WALGA preferred supplier of local government signage, Jason SignMakers has environmental policies and quality accreditation processes that support the manufacturing and supply of goods to a high standard of environmental care.

Jason SignMakers also offers a quality assurance guarantee and extended warranty on many products. As an official 3M Australia certified manufacturer, Jason offers the complete 3M Diamond Warranty Programme for permanent safety, road and traffic signage.

Standards Compliance

Local government signage supplied under the WALGA preferred supplier agreement meet all relevant Australian standards in the manufacturing phase for the supply of street and traffic signage. In particular, signs and devices for roadwork are supplied as per AS 1743-2009 part 3.

Your First Choice

All government agencies, organisations and shire councils need signs for the premises they operate and the many public areas they control. It is important that they select professional suppliers to carry out the signage work required.

To find out more about Jason SignMakers’ preferred supplier status or products available, contact us today or view our online catalogue.

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