Bus Shelters

Shelters Offer Comfort, Security

Jason SignMakers manufacture and supply a range of bus shelters, in various designs, to keep travellers comfortable and secure.

Bus Shelters

As bus shelter manufacturers and suppliers, Jason SignMakers designs and installs bus shelters for transport authorities, but can also provide a range of other refuges.

The bus shelters showcase creative designs based on a modern look and aesthetic appeal.

The versatility of the bus shelters’ designs means they can be adapted to meet almost any requirements while providing protection from the elements.

Bus shelters designs can include lighting along with guttering and drainage systems to ensure rainwater is directed away.

Jason SignMakers has a reputation for excellence and is committed to quality production, competitive pricing and efficient project management.

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Shelter Considerations

Bus shelters are an important part of any urban mass-transit system with the best manufacturer designs being

  • Low maintenance
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Provide visibility and clear information on routes and transit times
  • Easy to access
  • Comfortable, convenient and safe

Bus shelter manufacturer and suppliers, Jason SignMakers believes a well-designed, comfortable refuge can make waiting for a bus a pleasant experience.

Key factors bus shelter suppliers such as Jason SignMakers take into account in their designs:

Location - Good locations are near retail stores that have products related to travellers’ needs (bakery, flower shop, newsstand) and are open late at night; near office building entrances within view of a security guard; near street vendors; and in conjunction with other amenities such as telephones, and benches.

Design - bus shelters designs can be adapted to reflect the characteristics of the area in which they are located.

Visibility - People must be able to see the vehicle approaching. Poor designs that obstruct views of oncoming traffic will force people to leave.

Accessibility - People must be able to board conveniently. To many travellers this is the most important aspect of bus shelter designs, because people like to be close to the point where the door will open so they will be sure of getting on.

Comfort and Convenience - Providing a place to sit down, protection from weather, and a feeling of safety and security.

Information - People need to know when transport will arrive and where it will go. This is especially important for people who are unfamiliar with the service, such as tourists. Signage such as schedule, route information, and a map should be located in or next to bus shelters but not so that the view of the oncoming traffic is blocked.

Jason SignMakers quality built, competitively priced and attractive shelters are your first choice for keeping travellers comfortable and secure. To find out more contact one of our architectural consultants today.

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